Volunteering and work placements

Volunteering and work placements

We offer volunteering and student work placement opportunities which play a key role in supporting service users through their sentence. Volunteers bring further knowledge, skills and experience that help to rehabilitate service users and build links with the local community and wider stakeholders.

We promote a culture that actively values difference and believe that by involving volunteers and student work placements directly within the organisation we can be more responsive to a wider range of service user needs while, at the same time, providing people with experience of the delivery of rehabilitation services.

Our approach

Our approach includes:

  • working with volunteer-involving organisations to improve the diversity and quality of volunteer placements;
  • developing strong relationships with further education establishments to provide meaningful learning experiences for adults wishing to explore careers in criminal or social justice environments; and
  • promoting community engagement and cohesion by helping people who might otherwise have found themselves excluded to take part in their communities.

How to apply for a volunteer placement

If you are interested in volunteering or a work experience placement, please send an email to Susan.Roscow@workinglinks.com with your full name, address and telephone number.