Offender turns volunteer

Man listing in a group

A Dorset man ordered to undertake 180 hours of Community Payback activity after an assault said he will continue to volunteer with the organisation he had been placed with.

After his conviction, David* was given an individual placement with Weymouth Community Volunteers (WCV) by Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company (DDC CRC). WCV undertake a range of tasks to support the local community.

David said: “I immediately felt welcome by the staff and volunteers who are made up of different individuals with a wide range of age, backgrounds and situations.

“Some are there due to situations like myself, some from special needs care in the community programmes, some from the job centre schemes and others who are volunteering out of kindness. Each person there helps out in whatever way they can or are able to. It’s a friendly, funny, almost family like dynamic which I feel benefits all who attend.

“I got to learn just how much benefit WCV offers the community by the variety of services they offer and carry out. Not only do they help the courts, the employment services and the care in the community by allowing volunteers to help out.”

The WCV shop offers a wide range of donated furniture and other items at great costs which helps individuals and families with low or limited income. The organisation also provides drivers to the elderly community, cheap gardening services to the elderly and housing services, furniture collections, management of numerous community events.

David added: “The limited way that I have been able to help out at WCV has been a pleasure. I have met numerous good hearted generous people, seen how generous donations by one person can benefit others and how the elderly are grateful for the help they receive from the services WCV provides.

“I would not like to imagine the void created for the community if WCV ceased to be an entity. It would leave a strain on the local council services that they would be unable to take up. The elderly and in need would suffer the loss.

“I will continue to turn up and help out from time to time when I am able.”