Partnering with Home Group

Home GroupOne of the country's leading housing associations is helping to turn around the lives of people with a history of offending.

Home Group is working with Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Community Rehabilitation Company (DDC CRC) to support its service users with various aspects of their lives, including health, wellbeing, relationships, finance, education, training and social inclusion.
Individuals being supervised by DDC CRC can be referred for support with a number of things - all of which are aimed to provide stability and support a life away from crime.
David* was a heroin addict receiving treatment for his condition but had multiple issues with his benefits. Having been evicted from emergency accommodation, Home Group's team first helped and worked with charity Shelter to support him to find suitable accommodation and then worked with him to sort his benefit entitlements. After being reassessed, he was reimbursed £1,000 in benefits to help him become more stable.
Steven* has severe mental health problems, which was causing problems with his accommodation providers. But not knowing how to apply to receive the correct benefits, he found himself going around in circles. Home Group's team worked with his landlord to make them aware of the issues and helped Steven apply for what he was entitled to.
*names changed to protect identities